Warboss Skillbuilder – Painting Flesh

What up, Playahs!

Here’s a quick rundown of how I painted the flesh on my Intimacy Survivors, and how you can take your flesh painting to the next level!

And now, the skinny on this skin!

This technique uses non-Citadel paints, which you can get at most hobby stores.

The main two things to remember are: thin your paints, and paint in layers. Lots of layers!

First, let’s consider the Male Intimacy Survivor!

Here are the paints I used:

  • Rose Brown
  • Basic Skintone
  • Medium Fleshtone

Starting with the Rose Brown, you just build the colors up, adding in the lighter colors with each successive layer.

You don’t need to shade or wash the skin with anything, AS LONG AS you keep you skin colors thinned and paint in layers.

The great areas to work your highlights into are the abs, the knees, and the leg muscles.

These areas are perfect to build the colors subtly and practice your blending.

Starting with the Male Intimacy Survivor will allow you to practice before getting to the real prize:

The Female Intimacy Survivor

  • Medium Flesh Tone
  • Basic Skin Tone
  • Sunny Skin Tone
  • Light Flesh Tone

The goal with her is to remember that she’ll be lighter in color than the Male. We want her to appear softer and smoother, and her skin being lighter will help very much.

The main areas to focus the blending on are the exposed right leg, and the torso.

Go slow, layer the colors up lighter and lighter, and keep each layer thin, so as not to make the paint lumpy or gloopy on the miniature.

Any Kingdom Death miniature, especially the pinups, are perfect canvases to practice your skin blending techniques.

Best of luck if you decide to tackle these amazing miniatures!



How to Make Cracked Earth Wasteland Bases

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Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be showing how to make my Cracked Earth Post Apocalyptic Wasteland bases! Cracked earth, piles of rubble and debris, a mixture of dusty browns and greys can really help make the colors of your model pop!

You’ll need:
Dark Brown paint (in my case, I use Dryad Bark)
Astrogranite or other texture paint
Agrellan Earth or Crackle Medium
Agrax Earthshade
Karak Stone

First, paint the base with your dark brown paint (Dryad Bark), leaving two unpainted areas for the Astrogranite texture paint.

Second, cover the unpainted areas with either Astrogranite, or some other texture paint. Texture paint is basically paint with small bits of grit or sand already inside them, and you can make your own in a pinch! Just take some grey paint (like Mechanicum Standard Grey) and sadd some sand and a dallop of white PVA or Elmer’s (if yer Amurican!) to give it some thickness and help it stick together.

When that’s dry, slather some Agrellan Earth over the dark brown paint. The more you use, the larger the cracks will be. The less you use, the smaller and more numerous the cracks will be.

LET THIS DRY OVERNIGHT! If you apply the wash too early, it could mess everything up!

I’d wait at least twelve hours.

Next, apply a coat of Agrax Earthshade over the entire base.

When that’s dry, you will drybrush a thin layer (or two, depending on how light you want to go) Karak Earth over the entire base.

Finally, drybrush Dawnstone, only on the granite areas.

There you have it! Stay tuned for my Tutorial on how to pant desert wasteland bases! It’s like this…but with graaaaaaass!

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