Eldar Howling Banshees Showcase

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Let’s wrap up these 12 Ulthwe Howling Banshees!

Beautiful, but inconceivably alien and vicious! Just like my ex! Heyoooh!

These were a blast to paint!

If you remember my Unboxing video, I bemoaned the twelve minis I had to work with because of all the FINECAAAAAST issues I had to work around.

But much like a beat-up, abused and neglected old car, I knew that once I had cleaned up the minis and gotten couple layers of paint on them, they would shine again.

It’s a painful process, but one that will ultimately be so much more rewarding.

For these twelve models, the hardest step after the cleaning and priming was those initial colors. I really had to grit my teeth and power through the basecoats.

At the time I was sure that here would be no way I could cover up all of the miscasts, but here I am now, looking back and just enjoying the finished product.

As a sidebar…

You can paint anything!

That came out of nowhere, but it is such a strong belief of mine, I need to keep repeating it, in the event, dear reader, that you ever feel discouraged and want to just put down the brush.

If I can make these FINECAST Howling Banshees look like they stepped fresh out of a magazine, then you can finish whatever you’re working on.

Don’t give up, y’all!

Stay tuned because I’ll be releasing a written guide to painting up your Howling Banshees just like I did!

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Retributor Armor Primer Review

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The Emperor’s Golden Boys.

I purchased my can of Retributor Gold Spray Primer a few months back, but I hadn’t had the chance to use it until today.


Except for my Goldfinger, this thing worked like a dream! It covers exceptionally well and is not watery at all, a complaint I had about the old Shining Gold. In those days, you HAD to have an undercoat of some dark brown underneath or else your golden paint wouldn’t stick. Those were dark days.

Now, Games Workshop, among other companies, have developed colored primer that really take the guesswork out of the equation.

Are you painting up a unit of Ultramarines? Boom. GW’s Macragge Blue.

Brood of Blood Angels? Shablamo. GW’s Mephiston Red or Army Painter’s Dragon Red.

Swarm of Skaven? Be like the Warboss and use GW’s Mournfang Brown.

Stack of skeletons? Use Army Painter’s Skeleton Bone because for some reason GW hasn’t released Rakarth Flesh as a primer yet.

No matter what you’re working on, if the models are predominantly one color, either Games Workshop, Army Painter, or some other company has the colored primer for you!

I remember using Modelmaster’s line of silver spray primers to do the giant alien robots in All Quiet on the Martian Front, and I loved it!

Now, Games Workshop is once again taking everyone else’s lunch money by releasing a gold that covers beautifully and looks like the brush on product of the same name.

“But Warboss,” You might be saying, “I don’t collect Adeptus Custodes! What would I use this product for?”

Here are some other applications for this awesome product:

  • Stormcast Eternals!
  • Spray your old High Elves and paint the plumes red (a la Custodes). Those are Chrace’s colors. What’s Chrace? Only the most martial of the Elven nations and home of the White Lions.
  • 40k MINOTAURS! Forgeworld will hook you up.
  • Give yourself the Goooldfingaaah!

This product will drastically cut down your painting time if you collect a predominantly gold army. Now, if only GW would release Balthazar Gold as a primer, you could wash that with Agrax Earthshade and have a pretty nice brass color. Perfect for Khorne warriors or knights, or Kharadron (sp?) Overlords.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by! I give this product two goldthumbs up! Now, I’m off to wash my hands!

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How to Make Cracked Earth Wasteland Bases

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Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be showing how to make my Cracked Earth Post Apocalyptic Wasteland bases! Cracked earth, piles of rubble and debris, a mixture of dusty browns and greys can really help make the colors of your model pop!

You’ll need:
Dark Brown paint (in my case, I use Dryad Bark)
Astrogranite or other texture paint
Agrellan Earth or Crackle Medium
Agrax Earthshade
Karak Stone

First, paint the base with your dark brown paint (Dryad Bark), leaving two unpainted areas for the Astrogranite texture paint.

Second, cover the unpainted areas with either Astrogranite, or some other texture paint. Texture paint is basically paint with small bits of grit or sand already inside them, and you can make your own in a pinch! Just take some grey paint (like Mechanicum Standard Grey) and sadd some sand and a dallop of white PVA or Elmer’s (if yer Amurican!) to give it some thickness and help it stick together.

When that’s dry, slather some Agrellan Earth over the dark brown paint. The more you use, the larger the cracks will be. The less you use, the smaller and more numerous the cracks will be.

LET THIS DRY OVERNIGHT! If you apply the wash too early, it could mess everything up!

I’d wait at least twelve hours.

Next, apply a coat of Agrax Earthshade over the entire base.

When that’s dry, you will drybrush a thin layer (or two, depending on how light you want to go) Karak Earth over the entire base.

Finally, drybrush Dawnstone, only on the granite areas.

There you have it! Stay tuned for my Tutorial on how to pant desert wasteland bases! It’s like this…but with graaaaaaass!

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Custodian Wardens Review

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“They should have mops, since they’re custodians. They’re always mopping up the battlefield.” – Logan Swanson, 2018

Video Review

I really like this kit! They go together really well, and I think the versatility and economy of being able to put THREE DIFFERENT UNIT TYPES together from these five bodies is fantastic, and hat doesn’t even include switching out the Guardian Spears for the Castellan Axes.

You can either build five Wardens, or four, or three. With the other two bodies, you can change them from being vanilla Wardens to either the Vexilus Praetor (standard carrier) or Shield-Captain.

So. Much. Awesome.

Each mini is decked out with filigree, detailed armor trim, and beautiful little flourishes that I’m still noticing. Red is the natural color to contrast all the gold armor, so your golden boys will be very Roman Legions-ish when you’ve gotten them ready for the table.

I can’t wait to get into painting them.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

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From Cubicle7.

Video preview.

I’m really looking forward to this release! Everything I read from the developers is really encouraging, from the ways a creative GM can choose to resolve a skill test, to the teases of potential storylines (the starter set takes place in Ubersreik, which is a favorite go to for new adventurers in WFRP), this really looks like a game 20 year old me would have loved to get into with all his friends.

Looks like I’ll need to keep my eyes open for a new group of adventurers to torture-erm, play with!

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Primaris Chaplain Review

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Here comes the man in black

Video review

Post YouTube video observations:

  • You don’t need to ONLY use the Chaplain section of the transfer sheet for your Chaplain and nothing else. It’s two Ultramarine symbols, a Roman numeral 2, 4, a red skull (which can symbolize a veteran), and two Aquilas. Nothing is exclusively Chaplain-related.
  • His hanging nipple parchments (I don’t know what else to call them) are going to be so much fun to freehand. The artist who did the studio model really seemed to have fun with it, and I can’t wait to do it, myself.
  • I remember the crazius arcanum used to be described as a small rod with an Aquila at the end! This opens up the floodgates to simply convert your own chaplains by taking any long handled hand weapon (say, an axe), chopping off the head and replacing it with a skull bit! Hmmmm…potential future chop shop video?

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Primaris Captain Review

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“Let’s go…THATAWAY!!!”

Video review

This one really isn’t too terrible. The thing you have to consider with these minis is how much will you be using what’s on the figure? Unless you’re going to convert your optimal loadout, you’ll be playing with a Bolter/power sword and an iron halo when you put this guy on the table.

Not really a dealbreaker, just something to think about. Besides, completionists who want to collect all of the Primaris figures don’t really have too much to grumble about, as this guy does look pretty cool.

Captains holding aloft a sword and leading the charge are iconic of the romantic depiction of war in art throughout the centuries. You see this pose in paintings, in movies, on sculptures, and of course, in your Miniatures.

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