Eldar Howling Banshees Showcase

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Let’s wrap up these 12 Ulthwe Howling Banshees!

Beautiful, but inconceivably alien and vicious! Just like my ex! Heyoooh!

These were a blast to paint!

If you remember my Unboxing video, I bemoaned the twelve minis I had to work with because of all the FINECAAAAAST issues I had to work around.

But much like a beat-up, abused and neglected old car, I knew that once I had cleaned up the minis and gotten couple layers of paint on them, they would shine again.

It’s a painful process, but one that will ultimately be so much more rewarding.

For these twelve models, the hardest step after the cleaning and priming was those initial colors. I really had to grit my teeth and power through the basecoats.

At the time I was sure that here would be no way I could cover up all of the miscasts, but here I am now, looking back and just enjoying the finished product.

As a sidebar…

You can paint anything!

That came out of nowhere, but it is such a strong belief of mine, I need to keep repeating it, in the event, dear reader, that you ever feel discouraged and want to just put down the brush.

If I can make these FINECAST Howling Banshees look like they stepped fresh out of a magazine, then you can finish whatever you’re working on.

Don’t give up, y’all!

Stay tuned because I’ll be releasing a written guide to painting up your Howling Banshees just like I did!

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