Custodian Wardens Review

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“They should have mops, since they’re custodians. They’re always mopping up the battlefield.” – Logan Swanson, 2018

Video Review

I really like this kit! They go together really well, and I think the versatility and economy of being able to put THREE DIFFERENT UNIT TYPES together from these five bodies is fantastic, and hat doesn’t even include switching out the Guardian Spears for the Castellan Axes.

You can either build five Wardens, or four, or three. With the other two bodies, you can change them from being vanilla Wardens to either the Vexilus Praetor (standard carrier) or Shield-Captain.

So. Much. Awesome.

Each mini is decked out with filigree, detailed armor trim, and beautiful little flourishes that I’m still noticing. Red is the natural color to contrast all the gold armor, so your golden boys will be very Roman Legions-ish when you’ve gotten them ready for the table.

I can’t wait to get into painting them.

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