Eldar Banshee Review

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Beautiful, deadly, and one heckuva dancer.

If you are working with Finecast, like myself, don’t worry!

A little cleaning and a couple coats of primer will give you a great bunch of minis to paint up.

Finecast issues aside, let’s talk about the Howling Banshees sculpts.

There are basically three poses that the six Banshees come in:

  • Crane kick and aiming the pistol (like in the picture)
  • Crane kick with pistol up, looking to the left
  • Crane kick with pistol up looking to the right

There’s also the Exarch, but I don’t count her, as she’s basically on one leg, like the others, except she’s jumping off a space marine helmet.

Because the posing is so limited, you really want to keep you lines clean and your colors blended!

The hair is great because it’s so textured. You can drybrush the hair with successively brighter red/orange colors, or you can highlight individual strands by picking each one out with a finely tipped brush.

Either works (I hate dry brushing hair so I’ll always paint each strand, if I can!), and it’s really up to the painter’s preference which technique to use.

I am using the Ulthwe color scheme for this commission, so I actually painted the model black and picked out the armor in Rakarth Flesh, rather than basecoating in bone colors and having to pick out the bodysuit in black.

Again, either way is perfectly fine to begin your Banshees.

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